The two Demo Reels show scenes and snippets of some of my film styles.

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Below is a selection of my films (click on the film title to watch the film on Vimeo); also, click on this link for more of my films on my Vimeo channel;

Demo Reel 2018-2022

Demo Reel 2023

"Once There Was a Girl"

(2020; 4:09)

A look back at vague but consistent memories of childhood stories, forging these disparate images into something that seeks to capture some of their wonder and power.


(2021; 1:00)

Ominous, terrifying, surreal and disorienting; this animated micro film is a study in the relentlessness of nightmares. This micro-short is based on two actual nightmares; I attempted to capture the oppressive atmosphere and terrifying pursuit/flight of being ensnared in dreams.

"The Masque of the Red Death"

(2020; 4:56)

Closely adapted from Edgar Allan Poe's short story, this animated tale of a time of pestilence paints a picture of what might have been Poe's own feelings of fatalistic helplessness in the face of the White Plague, tuberculosis. Artistically told in a surreal expressionistic style.

Featuring narration by Michael Ethier.

"You Are Here"

(2017; 1:00)

Inspired by a postcard and by the many summers spent at a remote Northern Ontario lake in my youth, this short one-minute animation is a dusk-to-dawn meditation on the crossroads between the seen and the unseen. This was my first "poetic film", using only image and original music/sound. It was also the film that started my love affair with the one-minute format.

"And She Rode Forth..."

(2018; 2:47)

A Bard recounts the tale of the Archetypal Heroine, called forth by necessity to begin her journey and fulfill her destiny. A silhouette animation (and as such an hommage to Lotte Reiniger), this is a "song without words", the tale being told solely through visuals and original instrumental music.

"Full Fathom Five"

(2021; 1:40)

"Full Fathom Five" (also known as "Ariel's Song") is from Shakespeare's The Tempest; Robert Johnson set the Bard's text to music in 1611. This animated film takes as its inspiration the line "something rich and strange", creating a fantasy underwater world filled with wonder and beauty. The song is beautifully interpreted here by Valentina Rybakova (mezzo soprano) and Viktor Rybakov (lute).

"A Fable for Four Voices"

((2022; 8:44)

Loosely inspired by folk tales, “A Fable for Four Voices” chronicles the mystical journey of a quartet of aging animals fleeing their fates to find a place free from fear to live out their days, overcoming their inherent differences and regaining a sense of wonder.

"...absolutely beautiful and moving." Claire Duquette, Big Water Film Festival.

Featuring the voice talents of Mike J. Fort and D.D. Rumin.

"Will Ye No Come Back Again?"

(2023; 11:58)

A lone communications technician on a distant relay planet must face reality and isolation during her five-year contract with a Terran banking consortium in this animated short.

"If Silent Running is the model here, this manages to transcend its source and do its own thing, with depth and feeling. A fine narrated solo performance, a superb script that develops well and comments in passing on the ruthless nature of commerce and finance, and bold striking imagery, all make this a memorable piece of work." Darrell Buxton, Delta competition co-ordinator, Festival of Fantastic Films Manchester

(2023; 7:13)

A surreal experimental animated allegory of the cyclical rise, fall and evolution of social order.

Based on copious decades-old notebooks from my time in art school, this film was a chance to finally bring to life concepts and images from a prolific time in my artistic life through new skills and tools. The music and sound design by Ewan Laker-Mansfield lift this project to a whole new level.

"Effigy House"

((2024; 4:51)

A meditative journey through the surreal inner spaces of the filmmaker’s mind as passing images and thoughts overlap, yearning to coalesce into a concept, "Effigy House" creates surreal interior spaces into which the viewer is inextricably drawn, pulled forward almost on a "train of thought".

Featuring music by Diego Samuel Moreno Flores.